A Sample of My Work

A Night Off

This is a painting created by the intuitive painting method. I combined colors and materials to learn more about myself, as an artist. I aimed to be less focused on the outcome and more on the process. This painting depicts a princess gracefully glowing in the midst of an autumnal forest.

acrylic paint, ink, acrylic skins

11.5 x 17.5 inches

Mountains to the Sea

This piece was inspired by the idea that reading can take you anywhere. My childhood stories and fairy tales did and still do that for me.

watercolor, collage paper, ink

9 x 12 inches

Hollow Spaces, Pretty Spaces

This is an observational piece from life. It was first created by doing a super quick forty second gesture line, a sixty second watercolor wash, and then later detailed in pen. Finally I added collage paper on top. This piece contrasts the harshness of death versus the fragility of a fresh flower. Depending on how you look at both though, each piece can have their own beauty.

watercolor, tissue paper, ink, graphite

11 x 15.5 inches

The Surf and Skate Shop

This is half an observational piece and a half study from a photo. The skateboard wheels the bird is perched on belongs to a surf and skate shop down the street from the tiny studio I painted this in. I paired the ink and gray watercolor wheels with a lush colorful bird, mimicking the feathered friend the surf shop owner has and dearly adores.   

watercolor, ink, graphite

10.5 x 13 inches


This piece is an illustration of Ellie from The Last of Us series from Naughty Dog Games. Ellie constantly inspires me as a character, and the continuation of the series of the game is so exciting for me. 

watercolor, colored pencil

4 x 4 inches


This portrait is made out of thread and nails. The nails were hammered into the wood sides of the canvas. I chose to stitch the girl on the inside versus on the outside so I could make the string pop out from the inner girl. This girl is a portrait of Idgie Threadgoode from Fried Green Tomatoes, a book by Fannie Flagg. In the book, she is very expressive and bold, impacting people and events around her. She is full of childhood mischief and strong loyalty. The things she said and the way she handled situations in the book reminded me of myself when I was younger. The book also takes place in the south, and coming from South Carolina, that also resonates with me.

canvas, embroidery floss, felt, miscmetal, nails 

10 x 10 inches


This is a piece from my 2018 AP Art Studio course. Here is my statement concerning my concentration.

"My concentration was born out of the idea that an individual's experiences with the growth of their communities, the people who they love, and the places the have seen blossom and curl over every skyline each passing day can be just as important as the growth of an individual. The concentration work I have crafted is shaped around events in my life; from my independent experiences with the overlap of faith and identity, to the progression of my grandparent’s illnesses."

watercolor, ink, tissue paper, gold flakes

4 x 6 inches each


This piece is is based on the Scarlet Witch, a character from Marvel Studios. I paired her color scheme with textural elements; utilizing salt and white ink to make the illustration have more depth.

watercolor, ink, white ink, salt

4 x 6 inches


This portrait is illustrating Daniel Handler, the author and personality behind the famous Lemony Snicket.

watercolor, ink, graphite

4 x 6 inches

© Reagan Strader