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it begins here,

Everything starts from a beginning. A pencil, multi colored building blocks, a chef's hat, a warm, chubby fist holding tightly onto a crayon.
I started creating art around the time I was taking my first steps. It sounds completely cliche, but completely authentic. My preschool was art oriented, sitting us down everyday and creating candles, mobiles made out of bits of thread and leaves, something shiny to bring home to our parents. I grew up learning how to communicate myself through the physical. My room throughout the years began as just a place with four walls, then quickly transformed into a getaway, papers and paints shoved into every nook and cranny.
I am currently based in the south, very happily pursuing a BFA in illustration and a minor in writing. I hope to one day be a beautiful mix of both. In my free time I like hot drinks and taking walks with no particular destination. Welcome to my little art haven.